Mari Takeshita Cover Feature TOP AGENT MAGAZINE — November 2015

November 10, 2015

I would like to share with you my recent cover feature for the November edition of TOP AGENT MAGAZINE! This is such an honor, and I would like to thank YOU for working with me as Your Realtor. Check out the article below, or click the following link for the full edition at the end of the article.




“Real estate runs through the veins of Mari Takeshita. “It’s in my heart, mind and soul,” she says, with excitement in her voice.

 After moving to Denver, Mari decided to take her skills to the real estate world. People- oriented, driven and knowledgeable about finance, she felt it was an easy transition. As her business continued to grow each year after, it became clear Mari was meant for this path. Her top years included 125-150 transactions, and highest year was over 200 transactions. So far in her career, she has closed over 2,000 homes. With all of this experience, she has also trained dozens of real estate agents over the years to guide them towards success. Mari’s Buyer’s Agent, Johnny Rogers, who spent 6 years in the mortgage business and previously licensed as a REALTOR® in the 1980’s, has joined forces with her to enhance her clients receiving attentive service and care.

Working with Cherry Creek Properties in Denver, Mari stands out as an exceptional real estate agent due to her client-focus and educational approach. “When I meet with my clients, I take them through my own class. It explains everything from A to Z, answering questions about property conditions and staging, contracts and negotiations, title and loans, and much more,” she says. 

Mari engages them in a full conversation about what to expect, and continues this all the way to the closing table. She finds that many clients are uninformed, or have misconceptions about real estate that leads them to feel confused and fearful. Mari focuses on eliminating those concerns, so they can move forward towards a smooth transaction.

When Mari is representing buyers, she always makes sure she is there with them the first few times they look at homes. This way, she can educate them regarding real estate basics and what they should pay attention to. “I point out what they need to look for, and teach them what to expect for costs for repairs, appraisals, and inspections,” she says. She continued to state, “This empowers buyers, especially first time buyers to be confident in me and my team and more importantly in themselves; knowing we are right there to support them throughout the entire process.”

For her sellers, she walks them through their own house, pointing out ways to increase their listing price. “I walk in and we go through each individual room,” she says. “We then decide what can and can’t be done in terms of time and finances, and go over what their house is worth.” Highly experienced with fix and flips, Mari is more than happy to link her clients with her reputable contractors. A past client of Mari’s, Charlie Dillon, stated “She made it her business to know and understand every detail of our transaction from day one, including; what improvements to make to maximize the selling price and speed the sale, how to stage the property for overall appeal, great resources such as contractors and vendors, pricing, showing strategy, fast, proactive and constant feedback/ follow up, how to save us a buck wherever appropriate, continual and nearly on-demand availability, savvy reading of the “other” REALTOR’S® response and approach, fast processing of paperwork/contract, quick and astute con- tract negotiation, and flawless execution through closing.”

A true workaholic, Mari is nonstop real estate from the moment she wakes up, to the moment she falls asleep. But it never feels like work to her. “I’m always having fun, and I always want to stay engaged with my clients,” she says. With a team including Johnny, a transaction coordinator, administrative assistants, mortgage, and title professionals, it is a guarantee that clients are getting unparalleled service. “When someone hires me to be their agent, they’re not only getting me, they’re getting everyone on my team as well. This means someone will always be available,” she says.

This results in their clients feeling prepared for the next steps. They truly trust Mari and her team to guide and assist them on their real estate journey. “It’s all about the trust and relationship we build with our clients. We make them feel secure, and they know we are going to do everything possible to get them what they need.” A recent client of Mari’s, Shaina Morris, an attorney in Denver stated, “She is well-known and respected in the community, which is a quality that is extremely helpful in such a competitive market. I love my new home and I am so glad I had Mari by my side to help me along the way.”

Mari can’t imagine herself on any other career path, as she genuinely feels she is living her dream. Looking towards the future, she looks forward to many more years in the industry, and is excited to see her business flourish, experience her clients develop into new friendships, and support the real estate industry in her commitment to serve the public.

“I feel so honored to be doing what I am doing. Every day when I wake up, I feel so excited to be doing real estate for a living. It is a blessing for me.” ”


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