Making an Offer

Preparing the Offer

When you find & view a home that you really want, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of it all! You can hardly wait to get your hands on the keys, but you may worry that the property will somehow slip through your fingers any second! Don’t fret! You’ve got an expert by your side. My job, as your Realtor, is to negotiate the best price on your behalf. This is done based on current market conditions, which we will discuss.

The first step is preparing “the offer”. This is the document I present to the seller that basically states the price you’re offering, as well as any conditions (most common types are financing/appraisal contingencies). The price we offer is critical. You want it to reflect the true market value of the property so the seller will take your offer seriously.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go in too high and risk overpaying for the home. With me, however, you won’t have to worry. I know how to prepare a winning offer and get you the property at the lowest possible price. In fact, I look after YOUR interests throughout the entire process.

How the Process Works

When you decide to make an offer on a home, here’s what typically happens:

  • I’ll recommend a price that has the best chance of being accepted by the seller, without over-paying for the home.
  • Obviously, sellers prefer offers that have no conditions. However, I may suggest a condition, such as passing a professional home inspection, be included for your protection. We’ll talk about that.
  • I’ll prepare the necessary documents and present your offer to the seller and his or her real estate professional, personally.
  • If the offer isn’t accepted, or if the seller makes a counter-offer, I’ll work with the seller’s agent, negotiating on your behalf to make a deal.
  • I’ll communicate with you throughout the entire process. Transparency is important to me- you’re never left in the dark when on my team.
  • Once the seller agrees to a deal, I’ll help lead you through removal of any conditions and closing the deal.
  • Then, the home is yours. Congratulations!

Making an offer can seem like the most “nail-biting” part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be! That’s the advantage of selecting a Realtor, like me, who puts their clients first. When you go after a property you really want, you can take comfort in knowing you have an expert on your side… someone who knows how to get that home for you. Have questions about making an offer? Please submit the form below or call or email me.

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